Below is an evolving list of the resources, information and tools I found valuable while planning our 2015 round-the-world trip, including some blog posts that summarize my research.

You’ll find resources that are valuable for any length of trip, and for diabetics and otherwise. Enjoy!

Planning Travel with Diabetes

Packing in a Carry-On for a Year of Travel…with Diabetes: This blog post outlines how I planned to pack my diabetes supplies for long-term travel.

Why I’m choosing to travel WITHOUT a back-up insulin pump: This blog post details why I choose not to bring a bak up insulin pump with me on the road. Disclaimer: I’m on an OmniPod insulin pump, and the reasoning I used to reach my decision is specific to that pump.

RTW Trip Planning

Choosing Luggage for a Round-The-World Trip: This blog post lists of my luggage contenders, and what I ultimately ended up choosing for our trip.

World Weather: Trying to figure out what time of year you’d like to travel? This interactive tool gives a great overview of weather during different months of the year.

Budgeting a RTW Trip

More info coming soon…

Vaccines and Visas

Malaria Map: The CDC offers an interactive malaria map, that allows you to zoom into particular countries, and regions, and find out what malaria preventions methods (if any) are suggested for that area.

Travel Vaccines for Type 1 Diabetics: This blog post gives an overview of what I learned while researching vaccines for myself, before our trip began.

Travel Insurance

Purchasing Travel Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions: This blog post gives an overview of how I went about choosing travel insurance.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?: A good introductory article to what travel insurance is by Rick Steves.

SquareMouth: The travel insurance search engine that I used to find and compare multiple providers.

Other Diabetic Travel Blogs

Two Roads: One family’s adventure from Australia to England overland. The father has T1D.

Travel Blogs

So Many Places: One couple who quit for a RTW trip in May 2012 and haven’t returned quite yet.

Site-Specific Advice

Galapagos: This article is a great run-down of how to secure a lower cost Galapagos tour, and an overview of the tour options.

Travel Safety

Travel.State.Gov: The official source for U.S. Department of State travel warnings and travel alerts, country-specific information on local laws and customs, entry requirements, health conditions, road safety, and other important safety and security information.


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