1. Can’t wait to see the images of your adventures.
    Stay well, have fun, and via con Dios. Sending
    LOVE, June & Ken

  2. These first photos are breathtaking! Stay safe and continue to have FUN! Our expectations and anticipation for future postings are high! Sending LOVE, June & Ken

  3. WOW!! These look like the beginning of a book! We want a signed copy!
    We see you are having FUN. Sending LOVE, June & Ken

    PS LOVEloveLOVE the pictures of you two (what stories you will have to tell Zoe … and the rest of us)!

  4. Barbara Sanoudis

    Photos are thrilling examples of mother nature’s grandure. So happy for you and your adventures in the Southern Hemisphere

  5. AMAZING! Miss you guys! xxoo

  6. Wow! What an awesome adventure you two are having! Amazing and wonderful to venture out like that. I’ll be keeping my eyes on your blog!

  7. So Amazing.. Wow is all I can say..

  8. Amazing adventure you are both on. Savor each experience! Your trip makes me think of the song “Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long”…

  9. Clarify, please … is Peter one of the baboons you saw? (Thought it was funny at which photo you made that comment). Enjoying everything you are posting … Keep going and keep having FUN!

    Sending LOVE,

    June & Ken

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