The Upside

There is an upside to having a chronic disease like diabetes. It acts as a constant reminder that life is short, and we should push ourselves to live our dreams because our time and health can’t be taken for granted. I’m reminded of this with each high or low, and by my continued reliance on battery-operated devices to maintain my health.

While the fear of future health issues relating to diabetes used to scare me, I’ve learned to look at the upside. Instead of worrying about my future health, I’m encouraged to live my life to the fullest and to pursue my interests now. After all, chronic disease or not, none of us know what our later years hold for us.


This was certainly part of my motivation to do our around-the-world trip. And I am grateful for that extra push, which led to one of the best years of my life.

This will be my final post. It has been an amazing adventure sharing our stories with all of you. We really appreciate your support, feedback, and enthusiasm for our travels. You’re awesome.

Peter and I have started our next adventures. We’re now living in Philadelphia and are only 40 minutes from my parents. We’re both working full-time and acquainting ourselves with a more stationary lifestyle. After all the travels, we’re thrilled to sleep under the same roof for more than three nights and slow down a little. Surprisingly (or maybe not), we’re considering our next adventures, with Portugal, Norway, and Croatia at the top of the list.

For all of our family, friends, fans, and followers, here’s my wish for you: I hope you’re also living your life up to your wildest dreams and doing everything you want on this planet. Whatever adventure you pursue, we wish you happy travels throughout 2016!



  1. Nice post Laura !

  2. I will miss your blog. Thank you for doing this Laura. You did a wonderful job capturing special memories and sharing meaningful stories that I hope inspire Type I diabetics to push their boundaries. I thank you for all of your handwork, your amazing photos, and your awesomeness as a life partner!

  3. Hi! You probably don’t follow up on questions here anymore but just in case you do I was wondering how you managed getting your test strips for your meter? Because I am usually not allowed to get more than a three month’s supply at a time. Thanks!

    1. I stocked up for about a year in advance. Because my doctor always prescribed more test strips than I tended to use on a daily basis, I always had some extra.
      In addition, I did a vacation override with my mail order pharmacy, so I could get 2 3-month supplies at once.

      Good luck!!

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