Ordering Custom-Made Diabetes Bags

In Vietnam, we spent some time in Hoi An, a town known for making custom-made clothes, bags and shoes. There’s something like 400 tailor shops throughout town—and it’s a small town. The prices really range (as does the quality), but in general a dress can be made for ~$50 US and a full suit can be made for under ~$200 US.

I spent way too long talking Peter’s ear off about what clothes I should have made, until he came up with a brilliant idea: to have a shop make a few pouches for diabetes supplies for me. I had a cloth pouch that I picked up a craft market years ago, which happens to fit my diabetes supplies perfectly. It’s picture on the left below. It’s not too big or too small, stuff doesn’t fall out easily and it’s worked great for me, for years.

As the wear and tear is becoming more obvious on my original pouch, I’ve searched high and low and haven’t found something that’s close enough in proportions to the original that I wanted to purchase it.

So when we arrived in Hoi An, Vietnam, I took my pouch to a tailor and asked if they could duplicate it. Apparently they could! For 450,000 Vietnamese Dong (~$20 US), I got three new pouches. I chose fabrics for each, and the shop used zippers that matched the color of my fabrics. The new pouches are perfect, and absolutely the right size. And I can finally put my old one to rest.


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  1. Lovely! What a great and practical idea!!!

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