Our fall in Europe

The last month and a half has been jam-packed with traveling and I haven’t found much time to get a blog post out, unfortunately. Here’s a run down of where we’ve been and what we did in Europe.

We spent about three weeks in Spain, starting with a visit to friends in Mallorca. The island boasts some gorgeous beaches, beautiful views and some amazing tapas and wine. It was a week very well spent with good company.


From there, we flew to Seville, Spain to meet up with my younger brother (and the bringer of many requested replacement items from the U.S., glucose tabs included). Seville is an interesting mix of Moorish and Christian architecture. We checked out the city, saw a Flamenco show and continued our tour of Spanish tapas and wine.

Seville's Alcazar
Seville’s Alcazar

From Seville, we made a day trip to to Granada, Spain to see the Alhambra, a huge palace complex started under Moorish rule. I’ve never seen so many palaces stacked up right next to one another.

Alhambra in Granada, Spain
Alhambra in Granada, Spain

From there, we went to Madrid where we admired the Madrid Palace and saw our very first opera (which was surprisingly entertaining).


And we wrapped up our visit to Spain with a day trip to Toledo to see the old medieval city.


From Spain, Peter and I flew to Paris to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. It was only a short flight away, so it was hard to resist.


Overall, I was much more impressed with Spain the second time around. My first visit was about ten years ago and I was mugged on my very first night there. My glucose meter was taken, as well as all my credit cards, so I spent more time in the city replacing those items than anything else. This visit was much more relaxing, and I left with my glucose meter and credit cards in hand! The food and wine was amazing and the beaches were fantastic; I look forward to going back some day.

And Paris? Amazing as always, of course. 🙂

You can see all our photos from Europe here.

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