Whew! It’s been a super fast month, and unfortunately, I haven’t found the time to update the blog. So in no official order, here are the things that have been going on for the last month:

  • Our South America travels are finished. That officially wraps up Leg 1 of our trip. I’ve finished all our photos and will be sharing them here on the blog over the next week.
  • While we were home seeing family in June, I scrambled to get a handle on my new health insurance.
    • Doctors. Even though I checked before purchasing our new plans, it turns out that my doctors do not accept our new health care insurance. So I had to switch primary care doctors, which I was fine with. But when they also told me I had to switch my endocrinologist, I freaked out a bit. I’ve been going to Joslin Diabetes Center for 12 years, and I consider it the “cadillac” of diabetes care. So after a bunch of forms and phone calls, I got an approval to continue seeing my existing diabetes team. Yay!
    • Prescriptions. Getting prescriptions filled was a bit tougher. Without exaggerating, I made about three to five phone calls a day, for the entire three weeks we were home, all to get my prescriptions filled. In total, there were SIX companies involved in filling both my and Peter’s prescriptions. Six! Trying to get all of those companies to talk to one another felt like a part-time job ;).
    • Overall. So far, despite all the phone calls, I’m happy we made the choice to switch health insurance companies. I think it will keep costs down, allowing us to do some additional activities on the road. Fingers crossed that this continues!
  • We’re currently in Africa! In Namibia! Our first safari starts this Friday, and we’re using this week to crunch through research for the rest of Africa. So far, we’re mapping a trip that looks something like this:
  • In good news, I’m also guest blogging at Diabetes Sisters for the rest of the year! My latest post is here, and tells the story of the woman who interrupted our private tour at Machu Picchu to discuss diabetes.

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